why indian telecom operator selecting Chinese equipment manfuacture!


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Jun 22, 2009
In original context:

The signal problem we face can be an issue because of the bad network planning by the mobile operator.

Quality always remains a criteria when a service provider places an order for the equipments.

Every major operator has a test lab, a set of test cases and QOS parameters on which they judge shortlisted equipment makers (Bigger the service provider stringent will be QOS parameters) and the equipment maker with the better service quality in test lab, and not the cheaper one, is generally selected after the tests.

That wouldn't really explain most of the equipment decisions from some of the providers - I've personally heard the words uttered "it's the cheapest we could get without going to China".

There's also a requirement that licensees purchase something like 30% of their equipment from Indian vendors, which to me is just a waste of money - what if the operator doesn't want to use that equipment? He's stuck with this potentially huge financial burden and a pile of basically useless equipment for no good reason.


May 26, 2005
Infact some same models are made according to the markets ,in which these are to be sent,for example, nokia n8 that came to indian markets may have different quality than that of u.k markets, I hear ppl say coke in india is different than america, and that it's not about difference in ground water,as water can be purified to the level of america.it's just they don't need, to produce same quality as the market is not that mature and doesn't demand very high standards here.
That would be a very bad practice to follow if they want to make an impact in the Indian market. No, they want to sell you the very same thing. After all we are only talking about flavoured water not anything more. The avg cost of a can of coke to the manufacturer is presently about $0.02, coke sells for twelve times that amount if not more.

There are three things here to consider
- the water
- quantity of concentrate used
- storage conditions

As i understand it Coke & also Pepsi is made from concentrate that is manufactured in the US and then shipped worldwide. So the main ingredients are the same. They don't allow concentrate to be made in other countries as that way they can't control the quality as well as risk losing their secret formula. When they say concentrate they mean it, it is incredibly concentrated. A 5 litre tub can makes about 10,000 cans worth.

They might modify the recipe slightly for some markets but it won't change the taste too much. I did not find a noticeable difference between Coke in Europe vs US. They use corn sugar in the US, which isn't used elsewhere.

Sometimes I find the coke here to be slightly diluted compared to abroad. Are they using less concentrate ? doubtful, the water can be matched so its mainly down to storage. Coke needs to be stored in a shaded cool area. In India the ambient temperatures are much higher than in the west so i suspect this is the biggest culprit that affects the taste. You never want to buy from a guy who sells on the street because he only runs his fridge during the day, and during the night its switched off. The shack he stores it in is never going to be as cool as storage in say a building that houses a supermarket.

You have to check the date on the bottle because he wants to sell his stuff, older will not taste as good as newer.

Control for all the above and there is no reason coke in India should taste any inferior compared to elsewhere.


Jan 21, 2010
that's nice piece of information, but one thing which i have observed over the years is that coke cans from the Saudi countries like dubai etc (these cans are generally available at shops which sell imported chocolate etc) taste completely different and i am not talking about diet coke, its the same red can with urdu on one side and English on the other and the taste is totally different from the regular coke cans available in India, they taste far less sweeter than normal coke.And another difference i have seen is in the taste of normal coke can and a 500ml pet bottle, every time i drink either of those i notice something different in the taste


Feb 27, 2011
True, That's because the standards for products in many countries are high... and in most cases the standards have to be MET.. unlike hereAnd not just coke most of the products from middle-east.. like soaps, shampoos etc are of better quality... and I specifically talking about international brands... like Garnier, Lux, Nivea etc.. I know this from my personal experience as well as many frnds who used them........