Windows 7 Internet Sharing - Help needed


Jun 1, 2011
Hello Guys,I need help with a problem I am facing with internet sharing. I will just try to explain the issue please let me know if anyone can sort this out for me :)I currently use Spectranet Cable Broadband service and that is connected through LAN (LAN card is build in to the motherboard) to my desktop computer. I have a 10 mt Cross Wire cable (100% working as i have tested it before) ! Also got a USB to LAN convertor and Finally my Laptop which has its own build in LAN card.Both the computers have Windows 7 OS.Now Spectranet is already connected to my desktop with its own IP/Gateway/DNS settings configured and working fine. I do not have a switch/Wireless Router nor Can i think of a option to go in for one of them at this time. So need a solution to be able to share the internet from the desktop to my Laptop using the Cross wire cable.I tried the Internet Sharing thing on Windows 7 but man ....... its tough. It just isnt working. Maybe i am just doing it wrong. First of all I am confused where do i actually select the Internet sharing thing ? Should I do that on the primary LAN card (through which spectranet is connected to the desktop) or Should I do it on the new LAN USB device i got to connect the Laptop using the Crosswire cable ?It has been a very very irritating experence so Please treat me as a noob and kindly give me the steps in details so i can just get this done.PS: As i mentioned i am not looking for any suggestiosn about going in for a router or a switch. I wanna get this done using what I already have with me so Please helpThanksRakesh
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