Poor Credit Limit and CC


Apr 13, 2010
I port out my # from AirTel to Idea. Airtel i am having Rs 5000/- as my credit limit. But in Idea they provided only 250 as my credit limit. As per my plan i opted during the MNP is having Rs 199 discount. Now my credit limit is just 250/-. This will easily exhausted with in 10-15 days. Regarding this i called MNP help line, Customer Care. They said they said i am not Idea customer as they don't have my account in their system :ishock:.I got my credit limit using USSD code.These guys made me to run behind them on the very first day itself:wall:. Now i thinking what should i do. Of course wait for 90 days and once again port in to AirTel.-Kannan M


Aug 19, 2006
I think the limit increases as you go on paying bills .. I once took up international roaming .. I remember depositing 3000 advance .. and the bill was 28,000 .. donno how it was allowed .. probably because the information of billing from the host country goes to the home country a bit late .. anyways .. I paid it .. and from the next billing cycle my limit was abt 25,000 and they started treating me as a prevailed customer .. sending personalized gifts etc ...