Idea post paid


Its Me only.
Sep 11, 2007
I had my idea post paid connection, for which the bill used to be around Rs 800 /- month. I was also using the internet in mobile, which was Rs 199/- month in this usage. Many times I exceeded the quota and had to pay heavy charges on net usage. I thought of going for the reliance unlimited card and went to cancel the connection. The shopkeeper somehow convinced me to convert to a prepaid lifetime connection with the call rate as 1p/s for any local call. In prepaid there was also an option of recharging for Rs 97/- which will give you net connection, with some daily cap. I thought of checking it out for a month since I will not have to change my number. My current usage pattern for last month is around 150 - 250 Rs/month with no drop in number of calls. Most of my calls are very short, say 15 secs of duration and 1p/s billing really helps here. Wonder why I didnt think of this option earlier. I now believe that pre paid is really cheaper than post paid, with better plan options.The only hassle I now has is to get a recharge coupon on time.


Nov 4, 2007
^^ If you have access to an online banking platform...even the recharging can be done at the comfort of your living room! :)