Terrible Experience ! Letter written to Senior officers


May 27, 2008
Hi guys , below is the letter that i hav written to senior officers about my bad and very bad experince .... if any person working in MTNL reading this posts then you can understand ! Dear Sir , I am a resident of Patel Nagar, Delhi .I am using MTNL broadband from last 2 months and its my very bad experience with MTNL . From the day i m using broadband , it is giving problem. I m using wireless router which is provided by MTNL . First , its wireless not works . Second , thr is frequently disconnection after every 5 minutes , Sir , u can understand what the use of Unlimited Plan in which i cant even download 2 mb file. because of automatically disconnection . and from last week the router also stop working and inspite of having broadband connection , i am using MTNL Dial Up .Tons of time i had made complaints at 1504 , sanchar haat and my local telephone exhanges but they even't listen my problem . At 1504 , they say contact your local MTNL service provider and when i ask him , he straight away said " We can't do anything , complaint at 1504 or GET LOST " . They even said that " We will not do anything and do watever you can do ". I am very disappointed with service and very angry with the MTNL people . Kindly , see into this matter . I hav much expectations from you . Despite of making complaints , thr is no response . Now m waiting for your Response . Thanking You Yours faithfully,**********


Aug 20, 2006
1.What is the modem/wifi router supplied by MTNL ?>2.How you have connected your telephone and modem usng the ADSL splitter ?? 3.Does the telephone work without noise ?4.Test speed again at speedtest.net and report. Server say Mumbai. ( if connection made )5.Your complaint is general in nature. 6.First try a LAN port ( from modem) to ethernet port of your computer.7.Report Device status or ADSL status showing SNR/ATTN/MOD/line speed etc.8. Type the modem/router details in SEARCH above n ths page to get modem settings. from old thread/s.