Dataone Connection Sharing


Jul 24, 2005
My Office network consists 2 Windows servers and 25 Client PCs running windows 2000 prof. The PC's are connected through a unmanaged 100 MBPS switch and we have assigned static IP address for the computers. Right now we are using dailup internet connection which connects to a client pc running a proxy software (winproxy). The proxy software provides internet access to other client PCs. With this proxy software i can control the internet access of each individual PCs. Now we are planning to go for dataone. Which is best way to connect the dataone to a small LAN ? As far as I know, if I connect the dataone to the switch directly, it will be difficult to control the net access. If I put one more ethernet card to my gateway pc then can i use my existing proxy software to share the dataone connection ? Which is the best solution ?


Jul 3, 2005
Yes.If you connect the ADSL line directly to the switch, you will not be able to control the internet access on a per computer basis ...A friend of mine has done that ...But then he has connected it to a wireless router which has an inbuilt server with some user access restriction features ...As for me, I share my Internet between 2 computers ( on a crossover cable LAN ) ...I have 2 ethernet cards on the PC which has a direct dataone connection ...As for the proxy server, I am using CCProxy which supports 3 users in the free mode.However, the biggest downside of the set up I am using is that the PC with dataone has to be switched on and a user logged in for CCProxy to start and for the other user to be able to access the internet ...My friend, on the other hand, has no such problems ...