no FTTH in Noida?


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Mar 10, 2019
Recently shifted to Noida. And i was searching for a good internet provider other than airtel or bsnl.
And I am wondering why there are no major FTTH services in a city like Noida. I found some on google but their service rating is very bad.
I Called airtel and in my area (Sector 26) they don't even offer V-Fiber. Just ADSL connection. I had no choice other than obtaining the ADSL broadband from them.

I've heard that reliance jio has already started offering its jiogigafiber preview offer in Noida, is it true?

Any good FTTH ISP in Noida?


May 6, 2018
I am in Sector 50, Already have Jiofiber. You can get Excitel in almost all the places in Noida. There are many other leaders as well like Comway, Fusionnet, ICN Internet and others - all of them are good.
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