Bharat Fiber in tier 3, 4 cities and in villages


Aug 5, 2008
Srivilliputhur / Madurai (TN)
As per the official list, FTTH is available only in limited cities. Ref: Source
. However, Bharat Fiber is supposedly available in more cities / SSAs, as per the link shared by BSNL itself via email... BSNL CUSTOMER CARE . Of course, I filled it last month and have got a call back with the lead / reference number.

I am from TN and have seen tenders inviting LCOs for deployment of FTTH on a revenue sharing model. One such tender can be seen at Source

Has anyone got FTTH in tier 3/4 cities or in villages?
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Mar 6, 2019
I have,
Dhanbad , Jharkhand.

I dont know which local cable operator has this but its been here way before bharat fiber, used to run 1199 , 10mbps plan on it.

Connectivity doesnt drop a single time..the only time it drops , it drops completely dead with the solid red on the ont. I've had down times , the worst was more than a week, i blame it mostly on the inept people in the bsnl office.

The internet itself isnt great either. The only websites that got full speed from the plan were youtube and other google sites, and surprisingly the uplay client,couldnt even stream on 480p on twitch without 15 seconds of buffering. Game downloads were hardly consistent at 1mBps. Wired.

Now that i've switched to the Bharat fiber , it has become 10 times worse. Im on the 1277 100 mbps plan and my ps4 hardly gets 1mBps to 0.33 mBps, havent even touched the 12mBps ceiling..not even close to it.and its connected via ethernet cable to the router.

The fiber connection has been down since the evening with the red LEDs glowing.

Ont type A - GPON ONT H640V-G25E.

Big OOF.
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