Eager to recharge, dead for support.


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Dec 11, 2018
They can afford to loose customers, but can't afford to reply to queries in email.

On 26 June 2018 I raised a relocation query, and even after 3-4 followup emails there was no reply. I stopped recharging hathway thinking that I will recharge only after they reply.

I got 12-15 calls asking why I am not recharging.told whole story to everyone, and everyone said they will look into this.but the reply was never sent.

Now(11 Dec 2018) they decided to take back the modem/router as I am not recharging.and I am happily throwing it on their face. Worst service ever.

PS. emails were sent to helpdeskpune@hathway.net and billingdesk@hathway.net

Apart from this there were regular frequent disconnections which lasted 2-5 hours. Unreliable. Speed was okay [only when it worked:) ]


Feb 18, 2017
I have always said that Hathway is good as long as it is working, if anything ever goes wrong then you will have to call/email multiple times and still you cannot be sure that it will ever be fixed.
For downloading it is perfect, i can download hundreds of GB from any site and it will download at full speed but sometimes it will lag while streaming even 1080p on youtube.
For gaming you cannot even consider it and plans are not even competitive.
In my opinion it is no go if you live in delhi.

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