Bsnl FTTH 777 plan high Ping/high latency in every game

Tarang Taneja

Aug 19, 2017
Bhopal MP
I don't know how to use VPN on have to Google for this.I am PC gamer.VPN is very good when your ISP blocking route.VPN choose best route for you.
Yes even I don't know how to use VPN on consoles, I guess you can configure them on your router only but this is not a solution, it is a routing issue only, and after hearing all the complaints I am sure it is problem on BSNL's part

Sunny Puri

Mar 5, 2014
@Tarang Taneja yes my problem has been solved atleast for temporary as they said.they called me and said we asked Headoffice for divert route for Ludhiana till problem fix.So now my problem has fixed getting good ping and can play on any Asia server.You should go to GM in BSNL office and register your complaint to him