ICICI salary account Lifetime zero ?- MAB non-maintenance charges


Aug 21, 2015
No debit card fee, no sms alert fee. No fee really unless I need to replace my card(scratches). Also if you do a charge on card however u don't have sufficient balance, there will be 25 rs +gst fee.
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Nov 7, 2016
Just a heads up, HDFC bastards converted my sisters salary account to savings bank account and then levied MAB fees for 2 years till the balance went to negative. Her friend by mistake deposited money into it and all the money, 5k, was deducted. Had to fight for few days and threats of complaining to ombudsman to remove those charges and close the account for sure.

If you're not using that account, better just close it. You can easily open another account in any other bank offering zero balance feature.
HDFC is on another level, on their website you cannot find any email or other option to contact their CS (lvl 1). On contact us page there is an option to email us but it is just a faq page, only if you want to report an unauthorized transaction you will get an form to write your complaint. You have to contact their social media team to get their CS email and then no one would reply unless you want loan or new card.

Even after charging so much money for every possible transaction they cannot afford to hire people for customer support.