BSNL FTTH Fiber Wire Charges


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Jul 26, 2018
BSNL is the only ISP that provides okayish broadband in my city. So today i thought to apply for Fibero 777 Plan providing 50Mbps up and down. The guy in the exchange told me i have to pay ₹2250 for Optic Wire and ₹400 as installation charges, where as on the official there are no such details. They want me to pay for expanding their network, so what are BSNL investing on? BTW i live less than 400m away from the exchange. Tried calling CC but they don't know anything. So is there any user here who paid for fiber cable?


Aug 5, 2008
Srivilliputhur / Madurai (TN)
If they can provide me fiber plans for approximately 3k (2250 + 400) or even 6k, I'd go for it immediately. I'd make sure that there are no other charges. JIO might require a refundable deposit for its fiber too. Even though, it is refundable, I am unsure how many would opt out of a fiber service, unless there is a competitor in the same area!

Once I was asked to pre-pay for a year in order to get static IP! Their demands are like this, since BSNL is the only operator in over 90% of the places.

Here, even to provide VDSL plans, the exchange wants me to be close to it. I live approximately 1.5km from the exchange, as per their calculations, as the wires have to go through multiple places before reaching my house. In reality, it is less than 500m, if we measure in straight line!

That said... it is definitely not official charges. I'd say... go for it, if it is too important for you, such as for your business or for education. Don't get it just to become a better gamer!


Mar 4, 2017
The charges you are talking about is what is demanded by a LCO. Who will install your connection on behalf of BSNL. Just pay him 2000rs after your connection is up and running. 500 rs installation will charged in first bill along with other charges. My bsnl connection was rejected because it was requiring too much fiber cable.

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