Unable to access many websites on my Jio Fibre connection.


Nov 12, 2013
Navi Mumbai

I got my installation done yesterday and didn't bother checking whether everything was working properly at that time as WhatsApp and YouTube were working fine.

So now when I'm trying to browse the internet, I found out that I'm unable to access almost all of the websites that I regularly used previously. I get the error - "this site can't be reached" whenever I tried loading any website.

I can only load these websites successfully once in every 30 attempts or so. The only website that I'm able to access all the time without any issues is Google.

As suggested in several other tech websites, I changed my DNS setting and cleared cache and cookies of the browser but neither made any difference.

Is there some other way to solve this issue? And is this a common problem among Jio Fibre users?


Nov 7, 2016
Contact Jio customer care.

without knowing which sites you cannot access its hard to give any solution. can you ping those sites ?

Open cmd - ping google.com -t
to check dns issue nslookup google.com

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