BSNL New Ftth plan


Jun 11, 2006
^ Yep you are right. So I went to the exchange (Perumbavoor, Kerala) today to apply for the Rs 777 50 Mbps plan. I was told the last mile cabling is entirely handled by the LCO and said I'd need to pay for the Modem/ONT device. There is no option to take it on rent as possible if the connection is provided by BSNL itself.

They said I might need to pay around Rs 3000 but he refused to confirm anything, he simply said that I need to deal with the LCO direct and he/BSNL will not get involved. So once the connection request is logged in the system the LCO would contact me to proceed with the installation.

There are no installation charges as of now from BSNL's side (even the Rs 500 that you mentioned), there appears to be some promo going on at least in Kerala as of now.


Dec 23, 2015
Enquired in chennai bsnl kalmandapam exchange.They kept ftth 777 plan in table but when asked they say ftth not available.


Jan 22, 2013
Nagpur, India
I already have a connection but I said if they can make a new id on the same connection, they made lots of excuses but they agreed to reduce my plan to 1277 but still keep my 40mbps speed. They said that they are not even making profit with my current 1999(+18%GST) so they really didn't want me to change to 1277 and absolutely refused to reduce to 777 plan, they want to keep my speed at 40mbps and not give me 100mbps because they say that they are jam-packed and don't even have bandwidth for new connections, I don't believe any of this for a second. One reason I am hesitant to go for new id is because my current id has very good routing where new id will have 250+ms to every international server.