IP address issue in BSNL broadband


Apr 5, 2018
I took BSNL broadband connection 249 plan on 27 march and my broadband username ends with xxxxxncdr@lfmt.in..
I came to know that these days they are giving lfmt based broadband connection which has by default Static IP address . So today i visited BSNL Exchange and talked to SDE regarding Dynamic IP . But he was unaware of this thing .
It is clearly written that 249 plan gives dynamic IP but they are giving lfmt which we dont need that too with static IP .
how can this problem be solved ?
My ping is between 90-110 MS ..
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Jul 19, 2017
To all people who are getting slow speed. Get you line checked buy line man from pole box to your modem. Problem can be on pole box or on wire or even in your splitter. And then get your modem tested 99.9% of time this get your problem fixed. My friend lives 5km away from exchange he kets full 10mbps 1.1-1.2 download speed