Xbox One won't connect to my networks no matter what, please help.

Aravind J Nampoothiry

May 15, 2016
I recently purchased a Xbox One but I have not yet been able to even set it up because it refuses to connect to my network whether I connect through WiFi or Ethernet. Always it returns the problem " Could not connect to DHCP server" or " Could not get IP Address" or "Could not connect through automatic ip address" . After this I tried setting a static ip and by entering ip,subnet and DNS manually on the console. configured it on the router and forwarded the necessary ports but then it returned the error that "Could not connect through static ip".

I have verified that the problem is not with my console as it can connect to my mobile hotspot without any problem. Also my network is fine as I can use other devices on the network. I have also ensured that no other device has the same ip address as the console when it is set to static ip mode. I have done the basic troubleshooting tips like power cycling the console,modem,router, resetting everything etc.

My set up is like this. FTTH terminating at my house with a Modem(no wireless capability) - TP Link Archer C20 Router (which is cloning the MAC address of my pc as the FTTH connection only works if it detects my PC's MAC address) - Xbox One.
Please help me.