Dragon Orb


Insane Member
Sep 21, 2016

Dragon Orb is fast-paced arcade game where you are challenged to smash together Dragon Orbs that appear around you, to release the encapsuled dragons of Reigndar.

Are you quick and witty enough to champion the land? Then step into the portal and begin!

Feature list
- Fast-paced arcade/action with classic fun & puzzle-solving gameplay
- There will be dragons
- Super easy to get started, with increasingly challenging levels
- Global Scoreboard; Take on the world & become the ultimate Dragon-savior
- Room-scale VR; Move freely to solve the puzzles by using your brain & your body
- Family-friendly; Rated E for everyone
- Get ready to sweat; Orbs will be spawning all around the play-area
- Did we mention there will be dragons?