DOTO - Documentation Of The Oppressed


Oct 29, 2004
DOTO - Documentation Of The Oppressed

Documentation of the oppressed (DOTO) is an independent, non-profit documentation center based in New Delhi. It is is run by a large network of civil society organizations both at the national and at the grasroot level.

Doto database functions both as a tracker of violence, and a site for in-depth narratives. The database mixes a crowd-sourcing model with its own investigative and editorial teams. With a large number of cases of hate violence going unreported because of dwindling media interest and investment, DOTO seeks to tip off media reportage in the northern hinterlands of India.

DOTO database is simple, and easy to use, and seeks to create a large scale repository which can then be used for various purposes: from activating the legal machinery in individual cases, to national and international advocacy.