A way to Connect my old DSL modem with new Den DOCSIS connection?


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Feb 23, 2018
I am new here.
But not new to broadband. Have been using MTNL for more than a decade. And finally decided to move to a new ISP.

I contacted local DEN office for a cable connection yesterday. Unfortunately the free modem that they provided has very less range when compared to my old router.

I had been using DLink DSL-2750U. Which has a dsl connection. I want to know if there is any way I can use my old modem to connect my caboe connection.

Can I connect two modems Lan to Lan and somehow use the wireless of my D Link modem?

Is there any good alternative modem for docsis?

I also have a repeater (COMFAST) which I am going to use to repeat the signal. So right now I am able to use it as an alternative.

Oh and I got the connection yesterday . Internet's not up yet.