Telnet/Shell Help


Feb 13, 2018

I have ONT device Huawei EchoLife HG8546M GPON for my BSNL FTTH. I am not able to login to my ONT. I just need to understand how can I login.

Background -

I stay in Pune and I had opted for the FTTH from BSNL. Our builder has appointed a thirdparty vendor to get the fiberoptic connection and FTTH setup done. He was providing the ONT at 4k. I was able to procure it for 2.5k so I went ahead and procured the exact same model that was being prvided by the vendor.

1) I was able to login earlier with telecomadmin/admintelecom details and did some configuration.
2) Then I did a factory reset to restore the factory settings.
3) Now I see the login page with HUAWEI logo and HG8546M written when I open IP but I am not able to login with telecomadmin/admintelecom or any other possible combination. It says "Incorrect account/password combination". I tried 40-50 combinations that I could find all over the internet (eg - I have also tried the hard reset, 30-30-30 reset. Nothing has worked so far.
4) I am somehow able to telnet the ONT and login with root/admin, did a su and the entered shell. These credentials dont work from web interface.

I am an IT professional but I am not much aware of networking. I am good at shell commands/unix.


1) Can I get the web interface login working now that I am logged in into the shell with root access? If yes can someone guide me? A total hard reset via shell or just password reset.

2) I read that hw_ctree.xml file stores the password and is encrypted. Can I get that file transferred from the ONT to my laptop and viceversa? This is what I will be trying with it - Source

2) When the vendor had done settings on the ONT, he said that he was not able to connect to the BSNL internet and hence he did a factory reset. I wasn't around when this happened. Can there be any other reason like firmware version, ISP has blocked the firmware or anything else other than incorrect settings done by the vendor. Reason I am asking this is because, even if I am able to get the access via web interface, I am not sure if the BSNL FTTH will work with this ONT. Note that exactly same model ONT is working in other flats.