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Oct 29, 2004
Chopping these beauties set to become very easy - Bangalore Mirror

No permission will be required to fell most trees lining Bengaluru’s roads; amendment tabled in Assembly

This will come as a shocker for Bengalureans fighting hard to save the city. The Karnataka government has quietly introduced an amendment to the Karnataka Tree Preservation Act of 1976 which takes a host of trees – primarily planted alongside Bengaluru’s roads – out of the purview of the Act. The amendment was tabled in the Assembly on Friday and lists over 50 species of trees that will not henceforth require any permission to be chopped down.

Some of the species listed in the amendment that do not require any permission for chopping are Gulmohar, Indian Coral, Raintree, Soapnut, conifers such as fir or pine used for Christmas tree, Dodda Bevu, Sausage tree, Umbrella tree, Malabar Neem and Indian Cork.

In other words, if this amendment passes muster, the Karnataka government can chop all the 852 trees that it wanted for the steel flyover, and not care two hoots about opposition from Bengalureans.