Mozilla Foundation want you to sign their letter to Justice Srikrishna Committee


Oct 29, 2004
Mozilla Foundation – Take Action

In 2017, the Government of India set up a committee headed by Justice Srikrishna to examine a data protection framework and draft India’s first comprehensive data protection law. The Srikrishna Committee was formed in response to the increasing number of concerns on consent, privacy, and data protection by lawyers, organisations and activists.

The Committee has come out with recommendations on data protection that are now open to public consultation.

There have been countless security incidents and cases where private Aadhaar data has been published online. These breaches will only put more Indians at risk as the Government of India is requiring Aadhaar to access more and more services and even private companies are requiring Aadhaar to use their services.

It’s vital that the Srikrishna Committee establish a robust law that will protect the data and privacy of Indian citizens.

We have a rare opportunity to make sure India’s first comprehensive privacy law is as strong as possible.

Join Mozilla’s Executive Chairwoman, Mitchell Baker in signing an open letter to the Justice Srikrishna Committee highlighting our main concerns.