MTNL Delhi MTNL is crashing HTTPS Sites


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Jan 20, 2018
This problem started a couple of months back. Actually MTNL Delhi is crashing the HTTPS Sites frequently. In firefox the message displayed is "SECURE CONNECTION FAILED". It happens randomly around five to six times a day. Initially I thought that maybe Antivirus Software's web-monitoring might be the culprit, but disabling the antivirus did not solved the problem. Secondly I thought that ADSL might have bugs, so I replaced it, but it did not solved the problem either. System's Date and Time are ok, Router's Date and Time are configured to "NTP Pool".

I am just asking, is it only me in this whole wide world who is facing this issue on MTNL Delhi, or else other users also facing this problem.

Guys MTNL is having some serious issues. Previously they put the user's security at risk by routing our data through the servers of a Private Advertising Agency called Phozeca and now if they are intentionally or unintentionally crashing HTTPS Traffic then its a serious flaw which could jeopardise a MTNL user's entire security over internet.
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