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Sep 21, 2016

The controversial, "hot button issue" documentary from award-winning director Rel Dowdell. Hip hop legend Freeway, former wide receiver Fred Barnett, and Ogbonna Hagans bring the child support system into the spotlight in WHERE'S DADDY? – Available on DVD/VOD February 6, 2018.

The question 'Where's Daddy?' may sound infantile, but it's as much an adult question as any that can be asked, especially when it comes to African-American men and the child support system. Child support continues to be a ‘hot button’ social and political issue, particularly among the African-American community. “Where’s Daddy?” addresses perspectives on that system, and its specific effects and consequences to black families, with an emphasis on the experience of fathers as participants in the system. The film also examines legal challenges, social implications, cultural issues and the emotional impact of navigating the child support system as an African American father.