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Oct 29, 2004
JioHealthHub - Health & Wellness App, Mobile Healthcare App | Reliance Jio

Your complete health companion
Book tests, consult doctors, manage your weight & much more. Access reports & securely share them with your doctor.
JioHealthHub: Access Tests, Doctors & Reports – Android Apps on Google Play

Health Services
Avail health, weight management packages and many more services from India’s leading providers

Auto Retrieval
With our partner labs and hospitals, whenever you get a test done or a report is generated, it gets pushed to the App and your data is instantly available to you for anytime reference

Easy and Automatic Categorization
Any health data that you upload, click or receive either from our partner healthcare providers or other users is stored in categorized folders so it is easy to find and in case you are looking for multiple unrelated files, a central repository known as “My Health Data” is generated as soon as you log into the App and contains all the files that you have.

Secure Storage and Sharing
All of your health related files (e.g. Medical Images, Prescriptions, Medical bills, Lab Reports etc.) are available only to you and you can share them securely with your care provider and family members who can view the data without making any changes to it. You are in control of your health information - anything you share cannot be shared further by the recipient.

Health Charts
With JioHealthHub, you have an option to track health parameters to easily view trends.

Medical Profile
You can also maintain a handy medical profile on JioHealthHub. This profile is customisable as per your needs. So you can choose to fill basic information or major medical episodes including allergies, family history or history of previous illness

Emergency information & health tips on your lock screen
When you need help press the SOS button. You just have to set an emergency number and the phone will call and send a message to your emergency contact.

Anywhere Accessibility
All of your data is stored in the cloud which is accessible from anywhere and on any device but with your secure credentials, which means you can carry your medical records with you at all times without having to carry any papers, physical files, test films or lab reports

Easy Visual Access
Any data should be easy to find and good to look at. With JioHealthHub, we have aimed to incorporate a clean interface with clear visual cues so that the data you are looking for is easy to find. e.g. all categories have logos to differentiate the type of data they contain. All this is seamlessly bound together at one page so you can easily go where you want to without being lost in too much information