Reliance JioFiber: Port Forwarding NOT SUPPORTED


Jan 11, 2018
hey buddy .. i will give you an idea here .. you don't need to configure port forward or play around NAt .. first check which IP address is reachable out of your network ...
It is in the Firewall section of router settings
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Dec 1, 2009
The JioFiber router web interface presents option for port forwarding however it does not work in practice.
The page accepts and saves all the configuration changes you do. Yet you won't be able to connect to the port from outside.

The router also has a DMZ and UPnP options and those do not work either.
Customer care is unable to help ("We have no information about this at the moment")

The IP address as seen from outside is different than what the router shows as its WAN IP. So the router is not directly exposed to the internet. It is behind a NAT/Firewall.

The IP the router sees is 100.XX.XX.XX
IP as seen by sites like is 49.XX.XX.XX

As far as I know 100.XX.XX.XX is a public IP but trying to access that IP from outside does not work either. So the router is sitting behind a firewall.

This is a major limitation if you want to run any kind of server. So developers and gamers beware.
If you want to make your DVR internet accessible, you can't.

With JioFi (dongle) you could use internet accessible IPv6 address to eliminate need of port forwarding but the Jio Fiber router only allocates local IPv6 addresses. Even if IPv6 worked like JioFi, it would not solve problem for IPv4 connections. So there is no alternative at the moment. You can use a VPN, but it slows you down and has other limitations.

I was planning to discontinue my old ISP but due to this limitation, I might have to discontinue JioFiber instead.
The public IP given to you is probably shared with many other customers. Buy a static IP to run any servers.
Also check with them if running a web server,file server,etc. does not violate the ISPs terms of service


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May 19, 2019
Hi Everyone,

Have gone through all the pretty complex discussions here and I say complex since I'm from a non-tech background.

I'm a simple man with a simple problem. I got my ISP changed to JioFiber recently. Though the internet speed and connection is fine, all of a sudden my Xbox360 has started disconnecting almost every 2 minutes thus making it completely unplayable. Upon troubleshooting, the Xbox shows a warning which says "NAT Error" and it is probably set to moderate or something of sorts. While searching for possible solution, I came across this thread and I could say any possible solution lies here.

Could any of you tech pros please help out with a possible solution please. Would be really appreciated.


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May 19, 2019
Triple play.. it was a very nice, fast and stable connection. It's just that I don't want to switch my ISP back to it just for gaming and particularly because Jio Fiber is free for now.