specific call barring??


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Jan 6, 2018
Just like mailboxes, phones are often the recipients of unwanted messages, except that spam mail doesn’t ring or potentially cost you money. It’s therefore logical that many users want to prevent this from happening. There are two ways to do it, which are called “Call Barring” and “Call Blocking” and we’ll show you how to use either, or both, to your advantage.

Call Barring means that you will get your phone network to prevent calls from arriving to your number/account. This will continue to work even if you get a new phone, or possibly if you get a new number on the same account.In the usa Fortunately, most carriers also have some kind of self-service way to do it:

AT&T doesn’t seem to have call barring capabilities and instead recommends to use call blocking on the devices themselves. On its support site, it asks users to go to a device support page, pick a device and follow instructions from there.

Verizon will let you setup call barring for up to 5 numbers. It can be done on the customer web portal. Go to:

Verizon Site>My Account>Manage Verizon Family Safeguards & Controls>Go to Call & Message Blocking Feature>Add

From there, add up to 5 numbers to be blocked, for 90 days. For a permanent block, there are charges.

But the question is in india can you do it equally easily. The fact is everyone is disturbed by someone...everyone wants to block this one person from his life without changing his mobile number and without letting him know that he is purposely blocked. If airtel or vodafone or idea starts this chargable facility wherein the person is blocked in such a way that mobile is always switched off for him it will be very useful. The problem will call block apps is that after first ring goes then they disconnect which is a knowing insult to others.
2) second is that if the balance gets over suddenly and s call has to be made the loan process of 5 or 10rs is too cumbersome or takes too long. It dhould be quick like at the press of a button to tackle emergrncies.
Hope you are listening airtel...