BSNL broadband unstable


New Member
Dec 6, 2017
I am having BSNL broadband connection for the past 4 years and recently for the past 3 weeks I've been experiencing unstable connections but if I use it as a WiFi through my digisol modem I was able to use my Internet in my mobile phone I thought that the problem would be with my modem then I called the BSNL service man he said that the line was unable to with stand the heavy load of the 10 mbps connection so he reduce the speed to 4 mbps then the Internet was stable from that point I came to know that there is no problem with my modem but now the problem seems to return again now the connection is very unstable and also the attainable down rate decreases below 500 kbps but even now I can use the same connection as Wi-Fi in my phone without any troubles. I kindly ask you guys to help me my rest of the ADSL stats seems to be fine.

Thanks in advance.