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Apr 1, 2017
Hyderabad India
@dextermorgan the pings are more or less same in ACT and takes leed Hathway to the us and uk and asia(outsideIndia) survers
but in local survers(inIndia) Hathway is consistent
how ever the speed loss in ACT is minimum to nil in HTTP web sites out side Asia
and FTP file speeds or better in ACT Than Hathway the only place where Hathway takes the leed in Giving Publick statick IP and no extra nat , pings in side India,unlimited Data with no fup


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May 31, 2016
hathway in hyderabad is shit , they are promising 50mbps without fup but there is cap of 500gb after which speed will decrease to 4 mbps
when first this happened i called for 1 week and after 1 week someone called from hathway and said there is a limit of 500gb which he removed but again this happened and i complained them everyday for next 3 weeks nothing happened , they were not refunding me nor resolving problem , their technicians always came to my house just to check their cable quality and doing speedtest on hathway servers and shouting only in hathway server they will give 50 mbps , they know nothing , speedtest was showing 50 mbps on their servers only.
im adding speedtest link aswell

Speed test before fup

Speed test after 500 gb


Feb 18, 2017
Hathway server is going to give you bloated results anyway they are peered.