Act now laying underground OFC in Bangalore


Nov 2, 2008
Hi, Act yesterday started laying OFC UNDERGROUND in my residential Area. Surprising since they were already providing FTTH connection in my since 4 months but now suddenly laying new OFC underground. Not sure why ACT doing this because they have been leasing electric poles to run their OFC cable and providing connection. Airtel & Jio also laid their fibre underground some 4 months back in my Area. May be Act wants to do away switching and routing every few hundred meters to provide connection and can provide connection to individual houses right from their switching centre with their own poles like Airtel FTTH. But suddenly there is spurt of FTTH underground cabling in my area from various service providers. Shocking to me since Airtel never laid their Copper lines in my colony and now suddenly so much happening.. LOL..

Is ACT laying in anybody else area in country , pls revert.


May 12, 2014
it depends on area to area. digging roads require lots of permits plus bribes. so act (and other players) usually lay wires on electric poles and then lay fiber underground when permits are got.

during beam fiber days, some areas used to see frequent downtimes because rival LCO and ISPs used to cut beam fiber wires intentionally to disrupt beam fiber customers