Very poor customer service from Airtel Broadband - No resolution after 15 days for just shifting


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Nov 24, 2017
I had requested to shift my broadband connection to my new residence in Bangalore just about 1 KM away from my current place. I am still yet to be able to get this resolved. Probably very tough to make Airtel guys work. Someone came home and said it is done and it will work in 30 mins, which was a big lie. He didnt even come with a laptop to validate and I could clearly see that the internet connectivity was not up.
There started the tough time and since then, I have made close to 15 calls to their customer service, opened as many as 3 SRs based on their customer service, talked to 4 'supposedly' senior supervisors and still not even a single technician called me post almost 12 days.
I have seen customer service being inefficient, but have not seen some thing this inefficient.
1) Every time I talk to a new person, explain whole thing again. The guy promises complete followup and all that but disappears. Next time, it is a new guy.
2) Every time you open a SR, someone happily moves it as resolved without really resolving the issue . I am very surprised that they could close a SR without even checking with Customer and taking their consent. And no feedback mechanism also to reopen the SR or even get customer satisfaction index for the SR resolved.
3. Funnily, every guy I talked promised resolution within a day and also said that they talked to the technical team and know that it will be done within 24 hours. Not even a single call post that and it has been only me calling.
4) There is not even an escalation chain for a customer who keeps calling for more than 10 days. What is the use of customer service? No one is willing to share a single point of contact for the customer to reach for getting this resolved. Answer is system is designed so. Looks like the system is intelligently designed to keep accountability to zero and evade customer as much as possible.
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Oct 29, 2004
well that's one way to seek support. sending airtel_presence handle your complaint and asking them to call you back.


Sep 5, 2016
I too am having problem with Airtel. Had applied for their connection 3 weeks back and got many phone calls and even offers for their wifi thing. Some even said its not available here and get a wifi, though Airtel switch board is right outside my house. Now a local guy has put up boards and the 1000GB offer is present in pamphlets too, so may contact him. But not sure if Airtel is preserving the same reliability as before..


Nov 2, 2008
Hi @PRAV , Pls direct Message me, i will share few connect from Airtel senior guys who are broadband installation Regional Head in Bangalore. I have already gone through this ordeal from Airtel but after getting new connection and not during shifting of premises . Trust me Airtel is one of the filthiest company in Broadband industry in India. Sales is outsourced to some third party local cable operators who works as DSRs(Direct sales representative), they are utter rude and defensive. Then Installation team of Airtel is lazy and non proficient.

But after all these, somebody told even ACT broadband in bangalore is none the less.. they are equally lazy and cheater. I was chatting about this with my friend, we concluded that top 3 service provider namely Act, Airtel and BSNL have the major market share in bangalore and else where in major cities and they have arrogance. ACT was very humble and responsive when launched but later they just became goons. Issue with Airtel is that Broadband team is locally managed by regional head of Airtel and no body is answerable to national team unlike their Mobile team. Result is Regional head ask for expansion funds from national head and rest all is cocooned under carpet under RH nose. No QOS is monitored or no questions asked from National team. Actually there is no proper nodal or appellate team for broadband in Airtel. All nodal nos. are primarily for mobile and if one complaints to them they are routed to some no. which is just Customer care of Broadband...

Pls msg me, i will guide you what you have to do...

More amusing is now both airtel and ACT laid OFC in my area some 3 months back and providing FTTH. I took Airtel out of both. This is done to safe guard their market share from upcoming Jio fibre net. Funny thing is there was no copper lines before airtel laid its fibre in my area. My area was always neglected....


Nov 2, 2008
@r19 , Airtel reliability is excellent. There is no down time ever at least in last two months of usage. But i was annoyed and irritated by frequent OFC cable cut from Airtel pole to my home since many houses construction going on near my house. Airtel takes its own time to Change the OFC. Then i got agitated and blasted airtel field team to change cable to another pole behind my house in next lane. Ok, so if you are on FTTH, then OFC cannot be changed from one pole to another like in copper connection. From back end address change request has to be placed and online shift happens from one OFC switch to another. This process involved talking to lot of senior guys and they helped...
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