MTNL Mumbai MTNL should shut down


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Nov 21, 2017
Guys, my connection has been down for the past 4 days, have tried complaining via twitter, phone and email. Nothing has helped, incompetence has paralyzed them and they'll shut shop soon.
Anyhow, can anyone recommend me any broadband providers for Sumer Nagar, Borivali West, Mumbai - 400092.

Airtel says it is not feasible, Spectranet doesn't serve my area and Jio has asked me to wait. i seriously don't want to get stuck with MTNL.


May 3, 2008
Be the change that you wish to see in the world.

Dump them.... that is the only way to kill them.

So many people have left MTNL and have had better internet experience ever since...

Look around you will find n number of LCO/ ISP.....

Apr 3, 2009
Look around you will find n number of LCO/ ISP.....
This will definitely be an option but you would have to check about provider reliability. Alternatively, use JioFi for now and then move when you find better options. It all depends on your consumption patterns.

I personally still have my MTNL connection because it's reliable and I have an unlimited plan. But I'd definitely love to move to something else if I had better options that don't conk off every couple of days.


Aug 13, 2014
I am paying (VDSL Rs. 2999 + 400 tax) for 50 Mbps speed and 265 GB data to MTNL. This is definitely on the higher side because in these days of 4K video streaming, my data usage has skyrocketed. I need at least 300 GB data per month.

Compared to Hathway, Airtel and Jio Fiber, MTNL plans are looking costly as hell. They (MTNL) need to double the FUPs on all their plans or simplify to 4-5 plans instead of 20-30 plans they have. That confuses the shit out of everyone.

I had a fight with my LCO some 12 years back and their reliability was always questionable. No permission to Jio Fiber and Airtel from my society. I even gave them a PowerPoint presentation about benefits of Fiber during our society's Annual General Meeting but it was met with skepticism. They just don't trust Reliance brand. Bunch of old people. Can't do anything about it.

Hence I am stuck with MTNL and my experience has been decent so far even though I know that I am paying about 50% more than the competition.


Dec 16, 2007
My LCO is terrible too when it comes to reliablity. Once internet goes down it takes him anywhere from 5hours to 24hours to fix it atleast in case of MTNL I been lucky and most things get fixed in less than 1hr of complaining.

But that isn't the reason for me to stick with MTNL for now, the problem is most big ISPs have terrible plans. MTNL is far better than those imo. Airtel vFiber is not what they say and their plans have a FUP speed of 512kbps wtf?!
And the smaller new ISPs including the LCOs provide cached content from their cached servers most of the time which means I am not going to get 100% of the advertised speed for all the content which is okay for most people but I hate it when such shit is pulled as I think this is invasion of my privacy. For anything that isn't cached is new request otherwise it goes through the cache content which makes you feel you are streaming like a boss until your internet chokes for handling most stuff which requires sending and receiving new/uncached requests.
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Aug 13, 2014
MTNL has listened to you. Now your new FUP is 325 GB wef 1 Dec 2017.

MTNL Mumbai
Pathetic 60 GB extra (325 GB) for Rs. 2999 50 Mbps plans?

I am shifting to 10 Mbps plan which gives 370 GB data For 1999

So it is a saving of 1000 per month.

MTNL are fucking idiots.

When will they know that higher speeds require higher data caps?