YES Rewardz


Oct 29, 2004
So I redeemed my points for the first time on my Yes Bank Credit Card. Here are a few observations.

YES Rewardz | Select Credit Card

There is no login option. Website asks for 10 numbers from your credit card (!) and requires approval through OTP.

They charge Rs. 100+GST for all redemptions. StanChart has similar charges but I do not think they apply on evouchers which is the only thing I use the points for.

They send Amazon Vouchers physically through mail. From the language it does not look like they would remove the redeeming charges if they switch to evouchers in future. Physical vouchers also mean that validity would be much less as they are unlikely to buy them fresh.

When I tried redeeming them, the website failed showcasing a payment failed message. Just got a call from their support team. The lady on the phone ordered them for me.

Amazon vouchers are priced at Rs. 500 for 2000 points and Rs. 2000 for 8000 points. Since there was no extra benefit in value, I decided to redeem 4000 of my points. Though because of redemption charges... It would have been smarter to wait for 8000 points to accumulate and then place the order.
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