Low Downstream SNR and High Upstream SNR Cause ? {Frequent Disconnection also }


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Sep 4, 2014
My Bsnl BB Router Statistics

Downstream Upstream

SNR Margin -1.0 19.0 db
Attenuation 48.5 31.5 db
Data rate 2048 512 Kbps
Max Rate 4160 1160 Kbps
CRC 36543 3543

is it telephone line fault or Port problem from Exchange Side ?

// sometimes noise is present in line but dial tone is there and can make and receive call //
// internet light stays for few minutes and i can surf web at that time after that Snr value goes very low and internet light goes off also //

Router Screenshoot page link - Source


Nov 15, 2016
As pointed out by razpor, line quality is bad. Ask your local lineman to check it out or have the cable replaced. Make sure he keeps the number of joints to a minimum. Here's a statistics table for future reference. Download it and check your line quality frequently.

Higher the SNR, better is your line quality and higher the attenuation, poorer is your line quality. Attenuation depends on your distance from the nearest exchange. Greater the distance, higher the attenuation. If even after having your line replaced doesn't improve your stats, there's nothing much you can do other than moving closer to the exchange which probably is not feasible.