Any information about Jio "Pre on Post" ?


Aug 21, 2015
So I had prepaid connection for a while in Delhi NCR and thought of getting postpaid connection as I am from J&K and prepaid connections doesn't work inside j&k of outstation and vice versa for security reasons.

So I got myself postpaid connection 309 plan + 99 prime + paid 400 as security.

I was promised 3 months free connection so I thought it's a great offer, however I didn't knew at the time that this 3 months is just promotional plan and works once only and after that doesn't matter what I do, I always have to pay 309+ gst every month ( no 2 or 3 months plan is applicable on postpaid connections ).

Anyways, I work in delhi however moved to jammu for the time being to handle dad's business and postpaid being costly for me, i thought of buying prepaid sim as extra. Now I went to jio store and told my story and they gave me a fantastic offer.

There are 3 types of SIM/Service Jio sells.

- Prepaid
- Postpaid
- Pre on post.

we all know how 2 of them works, but pre on post is different. what it does is, it will be like prepaid , i won't get monthly billing however once my service starts (in this example , i got myself 509 + 99 prime as 2gb/day plan) and once it ends, i won't get billing. once the services expiry, i can recharge,same like prepaid.

This plan is called "POSTPAID 10" You have to pay 10 rupees only and prime 99 + any plan of ur choosing. Benefit is it is a postpaid too so this SIM will work outside jammu too.

for proof, i am attaching a pic

Now coming to the point, I was just adding my family's accounts to for usage checking and interestingly my mothers is also a "pre on post" plan but her's is Postpaid MRP 0, proof below.. and what I don't understand is how does this work???

My sim already is saying unbilled 4 rupees, what does that mean ? will i be getting billed for anything?? this is very confusing. Any Help ?