Government want to replace rations for women/children with cash transfers


Oct 29, 2004
Centre Proposes Replacing Rations For Women, Infants With Cash Transfers - The Wire

Cash transfers may replace rations for women and infants | The Indian Express

Dipa Sinha, who is part of the Right to Food Campaign, said that providing supplementary nutrition is the best way to address issues of availability gap. “Data from the National Nutrition Monitoring Bureau shows that there is a protein-calorie gap in children as they are not consuming enough according to their age. Providing Supplementary nutrition is the best way to ensure that children get the right kind of food. In cash transfers, there is a possibility that the money is spent on other things,” she said.
“Moreover, our experience with cash transfers, be it old-age pensions or scholarships for needy children, show that it is never inflation indexed. This would mean that entitlement in the form of cash transfers would fail to keep pace with the rising food prices,” said Sinha.
I am guessing this is also going to be an issue for families where there is an abusive husband who might use this money for booze or gambling.