I am new in Bangalore - Can ACT give paid static public IP that we can configure on our routers ?

Are you using public static IP with ACT fibernet? If so, does WAN port of your router has public IP?

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Sep 7, 2017
I am new to Bangalore. I have around 5 servers hosted from my Raspberry Pi and single board PCs. These for my personal use only. And I need port forwarding for all those servers. In Pune, I was using Tata DoCoMo and I used to get public IP directly on my router and it was working perfectly fine with dynamic dns running on my Dlink router.

Now that I have moved to Bangalore, I would like to continue to be able to access my servers from the internet. So I want to know if ACT will be suitable for that.

I had read from other posts in this forum that ACT only assigns static "private" IP, even if we ask for a static IP. i.e The router WAN port will still be having a 10.x IP address even if we pay separately for static IP. Is that true? Is there any other solution for this?

Here are my requirements

1) I want a public static IP that I can directly configure on my home router.

2) I cannot afford to pay for leased line. I can only afford home plans

3) I want to be able to do port-forwarding by myself. I shouldn't have to contact customer care everytime to configure a different port-forwarding. There are couple of reasons for it. 1) I keep changing the ports that are used. 2) I am not comfortable telling the tech support person. the exact ports that I would like to use. Yes. anyone with a port-scan tool will be able to find my open ports. But that is different that me willingly disclosing all open ports to random technical person.

If someone has already gone through this and is using public IP on their router with ACT, please please help me out.


I had tried speaking with their customer care and so called "technical team" whom the customer care transfers the call to. But they don't even have slight idea what I am talking about. They don't know what is the meaning of public IP, private IP, static IP, dynamic IP.

How can I have a proper sane technical discussion with some senior network engineer of ACT who can understand what I am talking about.


Feb 3, 2008
ACT has told me that they can provide static public IP for a one time payment of Rs.2500/- I don't know if its applicable to all plans. I am on their ACT incredible plan and that option is available for me. I am from Bangalore.


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Jan 18, 2018
Hi Kichuku,
I have also been enquiring with ACT on the same subject. They have told me that they can provide a static IP for a One time charge of Rs. 2500+Tax (which seemed different to the other ISPs who charge around Rs. 2000 per year).

However, I do have a question for you. I currently have Tata Docomo in Bangalore, and I am trying to get port forwarding to an ESP8266 device. Unfortunately, even if I configure port forwarding in my Netgear Router, the port does not seem to open (as reported in www.yougetsignal.com). I don't have a static IP (I want to avoid paying for a static IP if at all possible!)

Please can you advise how you went about enabling port forwarding on Tata Docomo. I understand your did it in Pune, but I am hoping that the same process will work here.