Rs. 1000 note might make a comeback in December this year


Oct 29, 2004
DNA Exclusive: Reserve Bank of India to launch new Rs 1000 banknote by December | Latest News & Updates at Daily News & Analysis

Sources told DNA Money that the government would shortly start printing the new Rs 1,000 note to bridge the yawning gap between the existing Rs 500 and Rs 2,000 notes.
Preparations for the design and the paper for printing the Rs 1,000 note are in full swing. The new currency note with enhanced security features could be out as early as December 2017, said a person close to the development."The printing presses at Mysore and Salboni are getting ready to print the brand-new Rs 1,000 notes which will have enhanced security features," the person said.
"Printing of Rs 2,000-denominated notes stopped at least six months back and now the Rs 200 notes are getting printed at these presses. Next in line for printing is the Rs 1,000 note," the person added.
The Rs 1,000 note will ease day-to-day operations and be beneficial to the common man, especially in the rural and semi-urban areas which are dominated by low-value transactions.