Oct 29, 2004
Tele-Law to enable people to seek legal advice through video conferencing

The Ministry of Law and Justice of Central government has launched another scheme with a view to make legal aid accessible to marginalized communities and rural population.

The scheme Tele-Law, a portal, will be available across the Common Service Centre (CSC) network. It will connect the citizens to legal service providers with the help of technology enabled platforms. Tele-Law will enable people to seek legal advice from lawyers through video conferencing available at the CSC.

Additionally, law school clinics, District Legal Service Authorities, voluntary service providers and Non-Government Organisations working on legal aid and empowerment can also be connected through the CSCs. The National Legal Services Authority (NALSA) will provide a panel of lawyers from State capitals, who will be available through video conferencing, to provide legal advice and counselling to the applicants, across the 1000 CSCs.

In addition to this, under this scheme, every CSC will engage a Para Legal Volunteer (PLV), who will be the first point of contact for the rural citizens and will help them in understanding the legal issues, explain the advice given by lawyers and assist in further action required in cases as per the advice of the lawyer. Women PLVs will be encouraged and trained under the Scheme.