Guide to configuring bridge mode on Airtel VDSL2


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Mar 11, 2005
Since a search on google on how to configure a modem/router combo device in bridge mode particularly for VDSL ISP's resulted in nought, i decided to write a tutorial for configuring VDSL2 modems provided by Airtel in bridge mode so that a customer can use his own router alongwith the VDSL modem.

This tutorial was necessitated by the fact that when i upgraded to VDSL on Airtel i myself had to unplug my Asus RT-AC66U router and solely depend on the binatone BT910W for the PPPoE and NAT.

To configure the binatone DT910W in bridge mode, follow the follwing steps -- (the beetel 777VR1 is identical to Binatone so these steps should work for it too)

1) Log in to the modem using default username/pwd --> admin/password
2) Click setup>>then click lan from the left handside options - make sure that the local IP is If not change it and click Apply changes

3 ) Again click on setup tab then click on LAN on the left hand side options and select DHCP. Turn off the DHCP server by selecting DHCP mode as "none". Click Apply changes

4) Now with DHCP disabled your computer will not get any IP address from the modem, so login into your network settings on the computer and assign a static IP. Use subnet and gateway as

5) Log back into the router and again go to the setup tab click wan on left side and delete all the wan interface tables that are listed at the bottom one by one.

6) With all the WAN interfaces deleted, on the same page go towards the top of the page and select Auto in default route selection. In the channel type select PTM, in the channel mode select bridge, scroll down and click add.

7) After the wan interface that you just added appears in the list of wan interfaces, select it again and click the pencil icon to modify it, the next page will be like the following screenshot. Goto 802.1q and select enable, in the VLAN ID type in 100 and click apply changes. Please note that this value is for delhi ncr region and it varies for other areas.

8) Disable wifi and reboot the modem and that should do it, as fasr as the software part is concerned

9) Now take an ethernet cable and connect the WAN port of your router to the LAN1 port of the modem, now login to your router assign it some other ip in the same subnet viz, enable DHCP and it should log on. Remember to configure your computer networking settings accordingly.

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DISCLAIMER : I have tried this configuration and its working for me, however iam not responsible if you screw up something while attempting this.
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Aug 23, 2006
Ideally step 4, the configuring of a static LAN IP shouldn't be required so long as the modem doesn't restart after you disable its DHCP server. The IP assigned by the modem will still be valid till you restart the modem.

Also, since you are putting the modem in bridged mode, step 9's changing of your routers IP also shouldn't be needed either.
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Oct 20, 2013
how to configure Airtel Huawei gateway VDSL router to work as a DSL WiFi Router running Static IP from a Hathway CPE? Please help with the WAN configuration settings with screenshots. Thanks!


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Oct 30, 2017
Hey Karan can you help me out?

I have D link DSL-2750u router and I want to extend the range of the current Binatone router.

Can you link me to the process I need to go through ?


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Aug 23, 2006
Please provide me the exact model numbers for the 2750U and the binatone as well, there are multiple variants. Need to know the chipset in it.

Also, be advised, the success rate for doing so over the air is very low, the standard firmwares just don't work too well using WDS. Ideally I would recommend a router with DDWRT firmware loaded on it as it is the easiest and has the highest success rate or get a router that is built to function as an extender to begin with.


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Jan 27, 2018
Hey karan
I have D link DSL-2750u router and I want to extend the range of the current Binatone router wirelessly.
I want to bridge the two routers wirelessly.
Please help me through the process.


Aug 5, 2008
Srivilliputhur / Madurai (TN)
One step #5, for those who want to be on the safe side, you don't have to delete all. You can keep the existing pppoe connection and put it in manual mode. This way, if nothing works, you may revert to your old pppoe configuration.

As @Karan mentioned already, the step #9 is void.