ACT Fibernet Broadband 4-Month South Delhi Review


Mr. Advocate
Jan 8, 2005
New Delhi
The nature of online discussion forums is that mostly negative stuff gets posted, so I thought let me post about my positive experience with ACT.

I got ACT in January this year, tired of Airtel's apathy towards upgrading infrastructure for existing customers and their obsession with just getting new customers. We have been Airtel BB + Landline customers since 2004, so I was a bit hesitant to shift, but frankly ACT's plan were too enticing, and a friend in the neighbourhood had reported having a good experience with them. So we took ACT's remarkable plan (which currently is 100Mbps down AND up, with a 375GB FUP (!) @ Rs. 2999++). We have still kept Airtel as a backup as we work from home and internet breakdowns have to be avoided (the modem and router and even on our (sine wave) UPS so that WiFi doesn't go down). So let me try to put this in a nutshell:
  • Speed: I am very happy with the speed. Going into a crazy plan like this, I was well aware that not everything is going to work @100Mbps (in this range, the bottleneck is often on the server side of whatever data you are accessing). But streamlines services like Youtube, Netflix etc. work perfectly @ 1080p without any buffering in the middle and perhaps a perfectly acceptable 3 second initial buffering for Netflix. with local servers constantly give in the range of 100Mbps up and down, and tests with servers in Sweden, San Francisco etc. are also great (60 - 100Mbps range). Torrents download at an awesome 10MB/s (80Mbps) almost all the time (and it is a joy to see a 2 GB file finish downloading before you have even setup the next file to download!) After experiencing these speeds, our Airtel connection @ 8Mbps seems like a drag!
  • Uptime: In these 3-4 months, ACT has only gone down twice. Once it resolved itself in a couple of hours. The other time we had to make a complaint and they fixed it within a day (apparently the fibre had somehow been cut). If Airtel has 99% uptime, I would say ACT has 95%, which is perfectly acceptable.
  • Customer service: This was one area where I had apprehensions, as Airtel's customer care was fairly good, with most problems being resolved within hours. I am happy to report that ACT is up to par. Complaints can be made using their customer care line as well as their website or app, and the local technicians are also more than happy to resolve problems if you call them directly (just like Airtel - interestingly our local Airtel technician now has quit and works for ACT). The problems are resolved fairly quickly.
  • FUP and usage: 375GB is massive, but now that we have 100Mbps, I have got into the habit of watching/ downloading only 720p and above, and so I may just run over this FUP one day! I have not had any issues with their calculation of the data usage, and from what I can see, uploads don't even count towards the FUP, which is amazing!
  • Uploads: Another huge reason we switched to ACT was their symmetric upload speeds. Airtel gave a piddly 1Mbps upload bandwidth, while ACT gives 100Mbps. When you are backing up your photos, believe me, this makes a HUGE difference. I uploaded 100GB of photos in 4 hours or so, and the same would have taken me days on Airtel.
  • Latency: I have not played any online games in the recent past, so can't report much, but from day to day experience latency does not seem to be any worse than Airtel.
If anyone has any specific questions, would be happy to address.

(Needless to say, I have no personal connection with Airtel or ACT, and this is my honest and unbiased review. I have been on this forum for a long time, so hopes that says something as well).
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Ancient Philospher
Dec 9, 2006
Isnt Airtel also providing kind of similar plans with 100 mbps 220GB@1999? Although not sure about the upload speeds.


Mr. Advocate
Jan 8, 2005
New Delhi
No clue. That was part of my problem. Airtel now only provides these nice plans to new areas where they are trying to attract new customers. Our area still is stuck on 8Mbps and not even 16Mbps which has been around in many other localities for a couple of years. They having been telling us that fibre connections and 40+ Mbps speeds are coming to our area "in 1 or 2 months" for about 2 years now, which was clearly nonsense. That was part of the reason we jumped ship.

Also, Airtel generally only gives upload speeds that are 1/8th of the download speed, and I would guess that it would be no different for any newer plans either.


I am a n00b
Aug 23, 2006
Isnt Airtel also providing kind of similar plans with 100 mbps 220GB@1999? Although not sure about the upload speeds.
The 220GB plan is Rs. 1799 for NCR. I have that, but, you need FTTH to be eligible. Speeds are 100Mbps up and down.

Rishi Bhasin

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May 27, 2017
I got ACT in may 2017 tired of Airtel not bringing v fibre in Defence Colony A block, i am on Act remarkable which charges rs 2999 for 375 gb download and 375 gb upload
  • Speed: I am very happy with the speed. Getting 100 mbps on speed test, files downloading in a minute for eg torrent file of 1 gb took around 2 -3 minutes whilst on airtel 16 mbps it took 20 minutes
  • Uptime: Been using for a month,never faced downtime , only once i changed some settings and was resolved immediately via customer care
  • usage: for me 375 gb seems less neverthless as per discussion ACT fibrenet keeps adding promotional GB's time to time , for Delhi this same plan last year had 300 GB now its 375 gb
  • Latency: Playing multiplayer on both xbox one and ps4 and there was no lag at all
PS- in my colony most of people have shifted from Airtel to act owing to speed , and if you call airtel for disconnection , they are ready to give you 50% discount on existing plan , on my 3rd retention call they are ready to make it free for 2 months , still cant compromise on speed since we still have 16 mbps , airtel V fibre is not in A block Defence Colony
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May 13, 2007
Where are you guys located in Delhi? I am in Saket and I have ISPs like Airtel, Siticable, Hathway, Excitel and ACT providing their services in my area.

I'm currently on Siticable and pay 1034 for 50mbps downstream with 150GB cap. The upload speed is dismal at a poor 1mbps due to which Facetime and Skype gets bottlenecked. Also of late I have been facing a lot of erratic downtime.

I am thinking of shifting my connection and want an ISP that is reliable. I don't mind compromising on the speed a bit. So far Airtel, ACT and Hathway seem to be the contenders.


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Jul 13, 2018
July 2018 update.
Worst service provider. So unprofessional and liar and cheater. words are less for them.
Even small cable operator is more professional and committed to his words, but they are worst liar.
Dont even go for them if you want peace of mind. They were unable to install connection even after 10 days. And they keep saying that it will be installed by tomorrow, which never comes. For taking money, their executive was very fast and came to me within one hour after call, that too at night 8:45 pm.
And for installation, he is not even picking up the calls or responding to messages. Such a group of liars and cheaters.
They think they are the king in the market. Let Jio come, and show them their true worth. Only then they will understand the true value of customer.


Not just Internet.
Sep 5, 2008
New Delhi
My Act fiber is down for 3 days now and this is second time in the month. Thank god didn't disconnected Airtel. won't recharge again.


May 3, 2008
Seems like Airtel Advt. girl is right..... Saare network try Karne ke baad wapas Airtel pe aaoge.


Feb 18, 2017
For taking money, their executive was very fast and came to me within one hour after call, that too at night 8:45 pm.
You should never do that with any ISP.
Always tell them that you will pay when their team arrives at your place and completes the installation.
Their sales people will take your money and make their commission even when connection to your house is not possible.
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