Pollution Problem in India


May 12, 2014
speaking of pollution, I recently had a run in with sound pollution. I live near a railway station that many trains don't pass through. so no noise pollution plus full of trees so no air pollution either. recently a company called picture time set up a freaking mobile theatre on the parking lot. I thought maybe its for one two days but nope. they were here for 2 weeks ( background music for Zero and 2.0 are burned into my brain now. I get PTSD whenever I listen to that music now)

It was hugely disturbing because they apparantly used dolby surround sound so even with all padding and all , sound was leaking out.
I asked the station master and he said he can't do anything. Then asked the parking lot guy and he was like nope, you can't do anything. My guess is that parking contractor was illegally renting out parking lot space and getting money in return.

So I called GHMC (municipal corporation) and they had anti pollution squads. I called in the morning and by afternoon , a van came with 4 officers and called me. I told them the location and they had a chat with those company guys and were returning. I fstopped them and asked what happened. those ghmc people told me theatre has a license to play but they asked those people to reduce the sound. I asked them how can a theatre be allowed in residential area. GHMC were like nope, and noped out. I assume they were bribed.

Then I called actual police and they also came next day. they also talked with them and came to me and said they cant do anyhting except file a case and I was like lets do it, I cant work and study from home like this. But they were strongly discouraging me to not file a case. I went out of station next day and after 5 days I came back and that theatre guys fucked off

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Oct 29, 2004
wow. here in gurgaon... it is likely none of the local bodies would cater to my complaints :p the reputation of theirs is so bad.