Router Recommendations for Airtel Broadband V-Fiber


Apr 4, 2017
Hi guys,

Just looking for alternatives for the beetel 777 modem which I can buy online, I am having serious with multiplayer gaming on my xbox with the beetel and Airtel do not have stock of the Huawei.

I can even connect and play using the jio connection on my phone as hotspot but not with Airtel. I opened all the ports but still no use.
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Sep 17, 2016
Are you connecting wirelessly to the beetel? I too had ping spikes when using the wifi interface of the beetel, which disappeared when I switched to another wifi router.


Mar 1, 2017
what type of issue are u facing with xbox ? do u have Xbox one or xbox 360 ? i think by default UPnP is disabled on 777VR1 .enable it or assign local static ip to your xbox and DMZ that ip ,..........also make sure your MTU is 1492 if your connecting via ppoe or 1500 if you have WAN static ip

after that do a network test on your xbox see if persist ?

If you want to go all in one device .. (modem + router )

I would also recommend what DontAsk recommended ................... adding few more to that list that are available online you can choose according to your budget and features you need

1: - ZyXEL VMG1312-B10A ( Chipset: Broadcom BCM63168 )
2: - TP-Link TD-W9977 ( Chipset: Broadcom BCM63381 )
3: - TP-Link Archer VR900 (Chipset: (v1.0) Broadcom BCM63168 / (v2.0) Broadcom BCM63138 )
4: - Linksys X6200 ( Chipset: Realtek RTL8685 )
5: - NETGEAR DM200-100NAS ( Chipset: Lantiq VRX220 )
6: - ASUS DSL-AC68U ( Chipset: Mediatek MT7510 )

i would prefer Broadcom based modem because Airtel DSLAM is Broadcom based with Vectoring (G.993.5) and G.INP (G998.4) enabled ................ but in the end software inside also matters .. so research on that too before getting any modem + router combo so you dont't have issue setting it up
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Apr 4, 2017
Hi Thanks for the reply, I have no issues with any game except for forza 6. This is the most mysterious issue I have faced.

Scenario 1

Forza 6 does not work - unable to acquire server data
Halo MCC, Fifa 17 and other games work flawlessly.

Broadband (ISP - Airtel, India)
latency - 200
XBOX NAT - open(All required ports open)
Download: 40 Mbit/s
Upload: 6 Mbit/s
Packet Loss: 0%
MTU: 1480

Scenario 2

No problem in connecting online in all games, but the games lag due to obvious reasons.

Wifi Hotsport from my dual sim phone (ISP - Jio or Vodafone, India)
latecy - 1000+
Download: 11 Mbit/s
Upload: 0.5 Mbit/s
XBOX NAT - resticted

These are all the possible solutions I found online and tried without any success

1. Try open/google dns
2. Called ISP to ask if anything is being blocked from their end and the answer was NO
3. Clear Alternate Mac on the xbox
4. Open IPSEC passthrough
5. Tried adding the xbox to DMZ
6. Using a secondary router and bridging my primary modem.


Sep 22, 2016
I have asked some questions on amazon and one buyer replied, that it works, but the wi-fi range is not good at all. And yes, they are giving beetel or binatone modem and both are no good.


Mar 1, 2017
@aqswde did u find any solution or it ? i feel like routing issue on airtel side for Forza 6 servers .. but i can be wrong .. can u check Teredo state ?

@ dj2006 TP-Link TD-W9977 as 4uziaul said it will work but wifi range is bad + have bufferbloat issue .... but if your planing to use it as bridge mode than it might work .good.
here is emulator for TP-Link TD-W9977 if u want to check GUI


Apr 16, 2016
well, I am currently using the beetel one which is working good. faced with few disconnections but not that frequent. VDSL modems are quite costly right now. Let the price cool down a bit then it would be worth to buy. The UI looks good on TP-LInk though.