Any ISP in Delhi/NCR providing static ip and great plans?

Anveshan Lal

Sep 27, 2016
I live in Ghaziabad. There are many ISP like DEN, Excitel, Nextra but none of them provide static ip I think which I need for gaming purposes.
Static IP from den is very costly, 2300/- per year and that I have to pay at once (If only that could've been accommodated in my bill).
Currently I have DEN.
So the thing is I play fifa online and I can connect to other people but here are my friends who also have DEN and we can't play together. Is there any work around for this? I mean we should be able to play when we have same ISP and live in same neighbourhood. I know this is the problem with CGN and that is why I need static ip address.


Sep 19, 2016
Hey man,I am on the same boat.
I play fifa too on ps4 and I'm getting NAT type 3 and because of that its hard to match with other people online.I tried all those DMZ,Upnp,port forwarding but nothing works and its so frustation.
I'm using Fusionnet and in my society thats the only broadband provider so I'm stuck with it.

are you sure that Static IP will help i haven't asked my isp for it?

On which platform do you play btw?


Now Visible in NCR ;)
Aug 4, 2008
Can't you guys make use of DDNS, Not sure but I think its possible to set it up.