Nextra Static IP problem


Jul 3, 2008
Anyone here who has some knowledge of Networking, NAT, and Ports.

Recently I moved from MTNL broadband to NExtra Broadband., And from last three days, I am trying to Setup My PS4 connection with the BINATONE Router. But It always Shows the NAT failed, or Port are not forwarded.

Already Forwarded the port IN The Binatone router. But nothing works. I already did the same in my previous MTNL router, and it works like a charm.

Now the NExtra Tech Support told me that you couldn't create Static IP on the Router you have to pay 6000 Rs for that. Otherwise, you can't connect to the PS4 servers.

So what to do, I don't know about the networking so asking it here. Any solution for this.


Oct 29, 2004
Offtopic... I am having a lot of issues with things that used to just work after I moved to excitel. Sharing through p2p apps like Resilio Sync is awful. A friend who helps me out with Linux can no longer connect to my Pi. So I have to use Teamviewer. I would be applying for a static ip as soon as the company offers it.