Got Nextra Net New Connection and WASTED

Nickson Narzary

New Member
Oct 7, 2016
Hey Folks,
I m a new customer in nextra broadband user, I applied for new connection just only yesterday, those fellows gave me everything and even took money and security, finally what happen they even gave me my login and password. Saying that it will take 12 hrs to get activated. Okay no problems so far, I accepted their work. Then early in the morning I thought I would get the message... So bad luck of me the next day (today early in the morning), what I saw the broadband office was close. What would you say ? Even the new connection is such now, I never expected. So I want suggestions from you people...I m dumped upped...I suggest this type of connection should be banned, if they really cannot give someone a proper connection.For new connection if someone faces such imagine what would you face afterwards.