12-minutes/hour advertising rule for TV channels


Ancient Philospher
Then you will have to essentially pay a lot more per channel. Television is a business like any other. The best way to tell channels to do something is through your wallet. Government intervention has neither worked nor will it ever work.


he ad cap scrap has been put to rest. Both news and general entertainment channels (GECs) have accepted that the amount of free commercial time that will be allowed per hour will be 12 minutes from 1 October.
With immediate effect, broadcasters will not exceed 30 minutes of advertising per hour.
From 1 July, news channels will reduce advertising to 20 minutes per hour while GECs will cut it down to 16 minutes.This will be in force until 30 September, following which the 12-minute rule will be enforced from 1 October.

Navjot Singh

The Punisher
UTV Movies and Zee Cinema are the worst. Zee Cinema has a track record of dragging a 2:20 movie to almost 5 hours. I had even written a post about it. Reproducing it here.
The following is not an exaggeration but a true incident.Mom: Dinner is on the table. Me: Goes and picks up the remote while moving towards the table. Sits down and flips through movie channels. Finds an interesting movie on a channel. Switches on the channel and starts eating the food. Looks at the TV and notices ads are coming. No worry. Eats calmly while talking to family members. 1 chapati down. Ads are still coming. No worries. 2..3..4 chapatis down. Burrp! Food was delicious. Gets up and takes his plate towards the kitchen. Checks TV. Ads are coming. Indulges in chat again. Feeling sleepy. Ads are still coming. Flips through other channels. Nothing interesting. Goes and switches off the TV and goes towards bedroom. *Yawwnz* Good Night.

You are forgetting the Live coverage cannot have Ads as per the original orders. But i see this development as good. Earlier the scenario was that it wont be implemented now channels have agreed to implement in a phased manner but yet yes.
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