12-minutes/hour advertising rule for TV channels


The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) on Friday notified regulations afresh restricting advertising time on television channels to 12 minutes per hour, unleashing a storm of protest by broadcasters who said the curb would hurt them economically..
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Someone needs to clarify something. Is this a recommendation or a rule?Knowing TRAI, it seems that whatever they want to implement does not get implemented at all. Because it is usually just a recommendation and they have no powers to regulate anything. :D
also. 12 minutes per hour is like 20% which is still a lot. i am not sure why the f is that a problem for the broadcasters. :D
They are allowed to show one minute of ad for every four minutes of programming!
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I think it's a rule but when is the implementation going to start from?
As of now it's 20 minutes per hour advertising. So this rule would definitely hit them economically.
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Serials have 12 mins, but every half hour (18:12) is what they have, so its a reduction. Also this stops from showing L-shaped ads etc. Thats why the hue and cry.

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Frankly. Bad arguments. Broadcasters are paying unreasonable amount of money for television rights. It's their problem. Why do I have to watch ads during live broadcast of formula 1 races? I stopped watching television completely because of censorship ad insane amount of ads on television. Who is to blame here?
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the joy of watching uncensored and without ads in full HD (via torrents of corz :p) beats the crap outta tv anyday anytime. the ads simply make me want to get up and walk away regardless of how interesting the show is. unfortunately we are a small percentage and as such can't affect their revenues.
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