May 11, 2005
hey the rains are here... BIG TIME!!! aaaw dont frown now. just because its rainin dosent mean tht u ligh the fires and sit in for 3 months... hell no :eek: !! infact some of the best places get even better in the rains. okay i aint talkin about mumbai,cause over here the flooding and the dirt will certainly get to u. im talkin about the hill stations and beaches n stuff. for example : matheran is one of THE best places in the rains. one of the reasons is because there are no cars or any other type of vehicles allowed inside. all travelling is done on horseback. its amazing. for the extra adventerous u can always walk ur way to the top from nreul station. its a cool 14 kilometers till the top 5 km plain road and 9 km uphill. amazing experience. also imp. lonavla, but too crowded. and khandala. very beautiful.beaches. okay if ur boss has just given u the week off right in the middle of heavy rains ... dont fret... or kill ur boss. just pack up n go to goa. it might be HOT HOT HOT in the summer but it gets SEXY SEXY SEXY in the rains. first of all u'll get the beaches... minus the crowd. then u get to see excellent spectacles of lightning hittin the horizon. and thee are almost no shacks too. yes but do look out for the odd BIG wave. some have known to come right till the end of the beach.many more place to tell u guys about. but all inside mahrasthra. would like all u guys from all over the country to share ur experinces. maybe some of us might just get inspired enuff to come there.... ;) . enjoy the showers dudes. n dont get pneumonia.hehehe. :)


Aug 9, 2006
Sit in home and enjoy with the family.Thats the best way to be there in during rain....


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Aug 1, 2005
It Rained tonite in Mumbai.. and now its quite pleasant...

Rains approachin fast so if neone wants to go out for rainy trip....[Esp in Maharashtra]

Try Khandala , Lonavala (Both around 100km frm Mumbai), Pawankhind (about 80 km frm Kolhapur), Matheran (about 60km frm Mumbai), Mahabaleshwar & Panchgani (Near Pune), Saputara

Last year had gone to Saguna baug Pond House resort which is 60km frm Mumbai opp Matheran Hill Station. Loved the rains and cottage which is surrounded by lake on all sides...

This year we went to Historic Pawankhind in summer (Good place for nature lovers and for jungle treks)Even in summer it was very cool there.. so in rains it wud be just amazing....

Plz post some exotic locations in ur area so we kno more bout our travel destinations


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Mar 11, 2005
^ have been there..nice place..actually the drive from Tezpur, Assam to Shillong and onto Cherrapunji resembles the scottish highlands