Getting Harassed after applying new connection of Spectranet

Ritesh Soni

New Member
Mar 3, 2016
Hi All,

I am a resident of Pune, Pimple Saudagar and was an existing customer of Spectranet(Prepaid Connection).
For some reason I was not in town for nearly 9 months.
When I came back and called Spectranet and provided all my details, I was told that my account is closed and I will have to apply for new connection.
I called one of the sales guy of Spectranet and applied for the prepaid connection and paid the advance of Rs. 2745/-.
I was told that the connection will start next day.
However, the connection did not start and the call center had no clue of the application.
When I called the sales guy he told me that I have some outstanding(Rs 915) and spectranet have deducted the same and the connection will only start once I pay the outstanding amount.

Now the question here is that for a Prepaid connection how can there be an outstanding. Secondly, Why I was not told about this by the call center guy.

Anyways, I paid the bill and was again told that the connection will start next day.
But still the connection was not activated and when I called the sales guy he told me that it will take 2 more days as the router is not available.

I am fed up with the service as first of all why the customer is not informed for money matters and if there is a delay why the customer is not informed.

I hope that some one will look into this issue.
And once my prepaid amount is utilized I will look for a better service provider.

Ritesh Soni